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God Is Unchanging ( God The Comforter #5)

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God (god),USA pronunciation n., v.,  god•ded, god•ding, interj. 
  1. the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.
  2. the Supreme Being considered with reference to a particular attribute: the God of Islam.
  3. (l.c.) one of several deities, esp. a male deity, presiding over some portion of worldly affairs.
  4. (often l.c.) a supreme being according to some particular conception: the god of mercy.
  5. [Christian Science.]the Supreme Being, understood as Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle.
  6. (l.c.) an image of a deity;
    an idol.
  7. (l.c.) any deified person or object.
  8. (often l.c.) Gods, [Theat.]
    • the upper balcony in a theater.
    • the spectators in this part of the balcony.

  1. (l.c.) to regard or treat as a god;

  1. (used to express disappointment, disbelief, weariness, frustration, annoyance, or the like): God, do we have to listen to this nonsense?


is (iz),USA pronunciation v. 
  1. 3rd pers. sing. pres. indic. of  be. 
  2. as is. See  as 1 (def. 21).

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